Bad News – Is That All That is on TV?

It seems as though every time you turn on the television there is gloom and doom. We hear stories of crime and punishment, war and famine, sophiazimmermann natural disasters and all kinds of problems around. It seems that all there is in the world anymore is depressing events and sadness.

There is good to be found in the world and it is interesting to see that quite a bit of that good comes from the sadness we see on television. Sadness and despair encourages service and action. How many stories of people providing service have you seen on TV lately? There are a few retroconsolas heartwarming stories that show up toward the end of the evening news, but not every good deed ends up on the news. For the few stories that the media shows, there are thousands more all around us. Thousands of people silently serving and helping their neighbors and people they have never met. hugsy

For example, there are many people and groups that have adopted villages in impoverished countries. They find ways to raise funds and then help the villagers establish schools and medical facilities. They teach them about irrigation and modern farming practices. If it wasn’t for the news stories optoki about famine and disease in these areas, help might not have come to the people of the villages.

There is always a story on the news about a family who has lost their home to a fire, or a small child who is fighting a rare form of cancer. We see stories about people who have had their lives uprooted because of natural disasters. These stories spur others into action. randygoodwin Bus loads of people have traveled to place that have been hit with vicious storms and help with the clean-up. Dinners and auctions are organized to help families in need. Bone marrow, blood and life saving organs are donated because we are aware of the need.

What is amazing about these good deeds is the fact that so many of them are started by children. There is the little girl who wanted to help find a cure for cancer so she sold lemonade at a roadside stand. Now, Alex’s Lemonade stands raise money for cancer all over the country. One little boy wanted to help people in Africa who didn’t have clean water. He took the initiative and with the help of his father found out how much money it would take to put a well in a village. He then worked hard to raise the money to make sure the village would get a well. Once adults saw how the way this kids wanted to help, and how they were able to find a way to help they would join in.

We all need to be like children and have the desire to help our fellow man, no matter where they live in the world. You don’t have to do something dramatic, small simple acts can have live changing results for someone. Even though it seems all you see is sadness on the evening news, you can use the stories you see to inspire you to become someone’s hero.


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