Just Prior to 2010 – The News Media Was Foreshadowing What Was to Come

Do you ever follow the news intensely for a couple weeks and then find yourself burned out? Do you ever notice that the news seems all the same year-after-year, accounting decade-after-decade? If so, you are not alone, and a good many Americans are well beyond the spin of the news these days. It comes at us so fast, and it all seems the same, it’s everywhere and you almost cannot get away from it, it’s pervasive, on out TV, car radio, iPod, smart phone, Internet, email box, newspapers – HELP!

Now then, I am certain you agree, if you’ve ever stopped to consider all the data smog and news debris around you. Let’s take a look at some of the news going into 2010, vpxco perhaps foreshadowing things to come, events that are similar to past period events, and are similar to the present period as well. Here are some pre-2010 headlines in December of 2009;


  1. Iran successfully fires 1250 mile range missile;
  2. Time magazine makes Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke Man of the year;
  3. British airway’s pension fund now has a deficit of US$6 billion;
  4. Internal Revenue Service let Citigroup off the hook for billions in taxes on a dispute.

After the first quarter of 2010 we noted that Iran is now putting optoki in more centrifuges, and ramping up its nuclear weapons grade enrichment program. President Obama has stated that the biggest global fear is a rogue nation state giving a nuclear weapon to a terrorist organization, and Hilary Clinton noted that North Korea now has up to 6 nuclear weapons. 

We also note that former Federal Reserve Chairman Greenspan was pulled out of retirement to be put on the hot seat by Congress in hearings and stated; “I was wrong 30% of the time,” which if this is correct he’s probably the greatest single Central Bank Economist of all time.

British Airways went on strike in the first quarter of 2010, and CitiGroup newsheater is now causing the Senate to consider the ability to break up large banks at will before they become too big to fail. Bank of America picks a new CEO and Goldman Sachs hits $164 a share as we headed into 2010. Now we see that China is putting citizens in debtor prison for nonpayment of credit cards, or perceived fraudulent act Kennedy with credit cards, up two life sentences. All the while US Banks are crying foul that China will not let them into their markets.

You know, sometimes following the news can help foretell the near future, but not if you ignore it. The trick is to pay attention to the important details and forget the rest, something that is easier said than done, but the news does matter. Please consider all this.

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