How to Write News

Writing news remains one of the most coveted journalism faculties. Thousands of writers have earned millions of dollars through writing news fro corporations like Goldman News Corp, CNN, SKY Fox and other well established companies. Online publishing platforms have increased the opportunity of earning a living through writing. However, this platform has opened an aperture for violation of distinctive journalism ethics.

Many experts in the faculty of journalism have sought to verify what are the core practices that can lead to writing of good and credible news. However, this research wont lead to any implication on current news writing practices. The core values of writing good news are actually simple rules that a person who knows the value of the written word can follow. The structure of a news item should be packed with detail and facts about what happened.

Good news are an insignia of credibility and a distinct clamor for worthiness. As such one should engage in distinctive journalism through pitching news that are packed with facts. Two, the journalist should tell away what was the news, where the news came from or happened, who was involved, what happened, why it happened and how it happened. A news story with such a structure will certainly satisfy a reader. The structure actually entails use of detail to comprehensively explain and tell away news.

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