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“I doubt that there have been enough people trying their best in British Tennis.”

– Tim Henman

In this article I wish to mention to you how mind training can promote your success in tennis as it can go on to help your game strategies and break through any limitations you may have and control your thinking. You can play the game others only dream. mycarscent

My research has found only a little on the bookshelves dedicated to mental skills training for tennis. For a motivating, thought provoking and performance changing read, akunprorusia get yourself a copy of the best selling classic ‘The Inner Game of Tennis’ by W. Timothy Gallwey. In his book he explains more on how your mind works.

Most professional tennis players, plus coaches, followed by an increasing number of recreational players, now better understand how to improve their confidence, belief, semar128 motivation and master their emotions. However, I have yet to meet any one tennis player who fully appreciates all of his/her strengths and weaknesses. Everyone has attitudes, behaviours, inclinations and preferences they are not fully aware of. verduurzamendeurne

Do you have a limiting belief that you cannot perform a top spin second serve? If that is the case, you are telling yourself you cannot do it either now, spintenniscoach or in the future. Look back on times when you were sure you could not do something, but then with experience and constant training, you know you now can. So you cannot perform a top spin second serve yet! antminet

My purpose here is to have you consider the way you think, so you can better a chieve your goals and reach your full potential, if that is what you truly desire. ufa88myanmar

Let me answer that question going on in your mind… what’s it all about? Mental skills and sport psychology are not modern concepts, crosstrainer-kaufen they have been around for as long as sports have been played and are as much about mental attitude as solid technique. It now plays an increasing role in shaping a players behaviour and performance.

NLP, referred to as ‘the science of success’ is one method which is steadily becoming recognised for it’s tools which benefit a sportsperson in reaching quick and lasting changes and a positive mindset. NLP emerged in the 1970s as a way to identify how people regulate their behaviours subconsciously and if required, re-programme their thought patterns. Handy techniques guide you toward powerful, positive change. Your mind is the most important body part you can train, NLP can show you how to use it to reach your full potential, askanadviser or those you coach.

As a human, you have an incredible mind, but it can sometimes get wired up in a way that is not useful for some of the tennis situations you find yourself in. The subconscious acts in a literal, even naïve way. As its non-judgemental, it will absorb a bad idea as much as a good one. Culture, family, peer pressure, a bad coach, all teach ways that sometimes just are not useful for what you want to achieve. sgmytrips

The goal of mental training is to help you get greater control of yourself and tennis by planting positive suggestions in your mind. Visualisation can be used, anxieties eliminated. The secret to successful tennis is very simple, do something… anything at all! Even if you mess up you will be wiser for the experience. You have to take action, that is what separates winners from losers.

Use mind training techniques as an interactive tool to challenge, excite, inspire and teach. Do not underestimate the methods, you can find them invaluable. If you consider some technique you come across strange or not to your liking, simply find another you can adjust to suit your needs. Allow yourself some quiet space and time to go through the techniques properly. It can all start with one technique and it will start by knowing that technique well. Learn one then extend your range. Even the simple act of doing a minor technique can get you moving onto others.

There are no quick fix miracle cures, you have to put the time in to learn and use the methods, but the successful methods you learn will help you begin making a wave of changes. Chances are you will be bitten by the bug as you find your confidence grow. Excited? You should be. Many of these methods can rock you to your core. They can also affect other areas of your life


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