Golf Club Clones – the Facts About Golf Club Clones

There are many misconceptions from consumers regarding golf club clones so hopefully the following information will clear the air once and for all.

What exactly is a golf club clone? – A golf club clone is not an illegal counterfeit / copy golf club. It is not some cheap knockoff made in dodgy warehouse. They are quiet the opposite. A golf club clone is a club which has been designed to look and play similar to many of the big brand golf clubs on the market.

Golf Club Clones are designed and manufactured by legitimate companies with their own brand, therefore not infringing any patents or trademarks. They are usually made with similar materials and are of a similar quality to the brand name clubs, the difference is clones can be purchased at a fraction of the cost.

Why are they so cheap – So you are probably wondering why golf club clones are so cheap. Well there are a few factors. Firstly let’s go with the obvious, when you buy a brand name club, like Taylor made or Nike, you are paying for exactly that, the name. The big brands have forged such a good reputation; they know consumers will pay the asking price to have their clubs.

The second big factor regarding price is materials. As many of you know, china is the resource capital of the world. Many of the major golf club manufacturers have their clubs made in China and they are then shipped to the US for example and assembled and then brought to the market. For more details please visit these sites:-

Most clones come from the China region, and you will find that they use similar if not the same materials as the brand name clubs when making the clones. The only difference is there is no major brand name; instead it is a relatively unknown brand. This leads me onto my next point.

The major brands have a lot of overheads which is relayed onto the end price the consumer pays for their products. For example, Taylor Made would have some lavish office housing several business departments and a heap of staff. On top of this they would have a manufacturing and storage warehouses with further staff. Labor laws in the US ensure that the average salary is a lot higher than developing countries. Already you can see my point, look at all the extra costs involved. Now let’s go back to China, materials are easily sourced, labor is a lot cheaper, business operation is a lot cheaper, exportation is easy, I’ll say no more, you see my point? My point is Golf club clones are not cheap because they are necessarily inferior, it’s because the companies making them don’t have an established brand name although can produce them without all the other overheads experienced by major brands.

Watch out for Counterfeit clubs. – When buying golf club clones, be sure to watch out for the direct copy or counterfeit golf clubs. These are in fact illegal as they are a direct copy of the brand name clubs with all logos. If you try to import one of these customs may pay you a visit.

Where to Buy Golf Club Clones. – If you search the internet for golf club clones you will find many websites offering them at very cheap prices. So who do you buy from? Is it safe? Your best bet is to try EBay first. There are heaps of golf club clones available on eBay. The best part is you can research at the seller’s feedback and determine whether their products are good and if they are a reputable company. You can see what other purchaser’s think of their golf clubs.


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