A Caribbean Cruise – Some Great Reasons To Book One For 2008

This year will be a very good year to book a Caribbean cruise. Firstly, the rates for these cruises, book a cruise especially from January 1 through June 1, are roughly 30% lower than they were for 2007. Even though the cruise lines have added a $5 per person fuel surcharge for all sailings after February 1, 2008, the lower cruise fares more than offset this new tax. The reason for these lower fares ranges from a recessionary economy, the housing market jitters and general uncertainty about the strength of the economy in general. This is the perfect time to snatch up that perfect cruise that was out of reach price-wise for a lot of you who couldn’t afford to go last year.

Another reason to consider the Caribbean over other destinations is the falling dollar. Cruises in this region will still benefit the cruise passengers because, although the US Dollar has been falling compared to most major currencies, it still provides the passenger, in this area, greater purchasing power when he is off the ship. The dollar is still higher than most of the currencies used in the islands and in some parts of the islands, is the main currency. So, in effect, you still get more “bang for your buck”, so to speak, when your are in port shopping for trinkets and goodies to take home. For more info plese visit here:- cruises booking
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On the other hand, cruises to Europe and the Mediterranean, for example, being that their currencies are 50% higher than the dollar compared with last year, will give the cruise passenger sticker shock, to say the least, when they disembark on the ports of call. Unless you plan to just visit museums and art galleries, prepare to spend a lot of money on gifts and other assorted trinkets. In some cases, you might spend more at the ports of call than what your entire cruise cost!


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