Anthropology of the Smoothie Drink

The account of Selwa of the Fulani people explains the great enjoyment which North African people derive from the smoothie drink. To North Africans, 7mgg the smoothie drink is known as the foule. The foule is usually an extempore drink made with fruit pulp blended with either camel or cow’s milk.

Through slavery, Africans took this drink to the Caribbean Islands and to the United States where it evolved as the ultimate smoothie drinks i.e. a smooth blend of pure fruits and dairy. Smoothie bars have in the last two decades mushroomed in America, with a frozen Smoothie style. The technology of how to create a commercially acceptable (true) smoothie has eluded most manufacturers. The modern smoothie has finally achieved the elusive challenge of creating a stable emulsion of pure fruits and dairy, manguerosecomplete smoothie recipes.

According to Seluwa, in her enchanting tale about the Saharan desert and its people, life in the trans-Saharan trade route takes on a sorrel dimension when the weary travellers arrive at their resting points along the Oasis region. According to Seluwa’s account: “Every evening meal was a lovely banquet. There was plenty of roast beef, lamb, couscous and peanut stews. Plenty of goat cheese, lashings of honey and yoghurt, roomidea dates and raising scones.” All these glorious feasts was washed down with bowls of mango foule (an instant blend of mango pulp and milk). My grandfather and all his relatives ate together from several trays of food laid down in colourful Bedouin tents. Here, my grandfather also discussed important matters of business with his relatives. Laami, my younger sister and I ate with the other children who travel on the camel trail with my grandparents. Before our meal, spaice the young wives took advantage of the plentiful water supply in the Oasis region to bathe all the children. My grandmother dusted each child down with talcum powder. My grandmother’s tent and clothes always smelled of tea-rose talc. Everything went smoothly when Kakwu was about. The younger women learnt a lot from her.

Canadians often lace their smoothies with gin, whisky or bourbon. The Australians love mixing smoothies into their local beer. The American love their smoothies as just pure fruits mixed with diary. On the Indian sub-continent, mango is a highly priced fruit. Women eat mango in huge amount in the knowledge that it enhances the tone and complexion of their skin. (Mangoes are indeed rich in beta carotene which also protects the skin from harmful ultra- violet rays.)


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