Organic Gardening and Red Wiggler Worms Go Hand in Hand!

Yes, you’ve read the heading right! Organic gardening and Red Wiggler Worms can go hand in hand. Now if you’re not into worm composting yet, then you should know that you haven’t experienced and seen your garden at its best. So if you want to get more out of your garden, then you must have a try on some red wiggler worms castings. Castings, also known to many as compost from worms, are full of nutrients and minerals. You can use this to feed your garden soil and plants. mykindredlife

When you start feeding your garden with worm castings, then you’re definitely nourishing them with more than they can ever produce on their own. You should know that worms only eat organic stuff, so you can be assured that what they excrete is all-natural (it has been recognized as the richest kind of natural fertilizer). And unlike other types of manure, their castings are odorless (has an earthy smell to it). But besides that, using worm compost as a fertilizer becomes a better alternative to chemical fertilizers. Fertilizers that are made organically are a lot safer to use around humans and pets, and are also safe for the environment. So if you’re growing vegetables and other aromatic plants in your garden, then you can be guaranteed with a safe intake of these.

You can reap a lot of benefits by just using red wigglers compost on your garden. Not only is this natural fertilizer valuable to plant and soil life, it is also acts as a supplement. You can definitely count on these worms castings to provide your garden (especially when it comes to a plants growth) with some nitrogen, carbon, potassium, calcium, and other more essentials minerals. diagnozujmy

In an organic herb gardening that uses nothing but organic fertilizer, also boosts the microbial life in the soil (especially where the roots are). So when there are a lot of beneficial microbes present in the system, then there’s a lesser chance for your plants to experience diseases. Other than that, a fertilized soil also helps a worn-out soil get back into better shape. Soil erosion can be avoided, and the water retention capability of the soil will also improve (nutrients will also be absorbed more).

When it comes to organic gardening, you can continue to provide your plant, vegetable or herb garden with a continuous supply of worm compost by trying to raise your own red wiggler worms. You can do this at home, without much fuss as you can use recycled materials for a worm bin set-up (you can use Rubbermaid containers with lids). And since you generate a daily amount of household wastes, then you no longer have to worry about your worms bedding and food source. Your kitchen scraps and garden wastes can help fill this for you.


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