Causes And Risk Factors Of Erectile Dysfunction

When it comes to determining the causes and risk factors of erectile dysfunction, commonly referred to as impotence, it is important to understand
that there are often both physical and non-physical causes. It should also be
stated that many men will encounter the condition at some point
throughout their life and this may be normal and not a cause to seek a cure
for erectile dysfunction. However,
if dysfunction seems to be prolonged, then you should seek the advice of your
health care professional to determine the cause. Some of the most common causes
and risk factors that are attributed to erectile dysfunction are listed below. Erectile dysfunction

The first area to look at when determining the cause of erectile dysfunction is substance abuse. Substance abuse can lead to
impotence and there
are a number of drugs that will increase a man’s risk of becoming impotent.
Illegal drugs such as cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and steroids can all lead to
dysfunction. Legal substances such as tobacco (cigarette smoking) and alcohol
can be a direct cause of dysfunction as well. Many people are often surprised to
realize that smoking is directly linked to the condition, but the effects
of smoking can be devastating to a man’s sexual health. The first step to
address when reducing the risk factors of developing erectile dysfunction is to
ensure that you have a healthy lifestyle free from substance abuse, smoking, Albino Penis Envy Mushrooms and
excessive use of alcohol. You should also ensure that your lifestyle is
energetic and has plenty of physical activities to ensure the best possible

The next area to look at when determining the cause and risk factors of erectile dysfunction
is the emotional or psychological area. Factors such as
stress, anxiety, depression, and negative feelings towards the sexual partner
may contribute to erectile dysfunction. Communication is a great tool to ensure
that your relationship with your partner remains healthy and vibrant. Sometimes
it may be necessary to seek counseling or the help of a therapist if anxiety or
stress is determined to be the cause of the dysfunction. ggongchiri

Illegal substances don’t only cause dysfunction. In fact, another common
cause of erectile dysfunction is prescription medication. There are a number of
commonly prescribed medications that contribute to dysfunction. Some of these

· Diphenhydramine

· Benztropine

· Atropine

· Cimetidine

· Digoxin

Because of the number of different medications that may be the root cause of erectile dysfunction, ask your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking any new
medications and begin to experience dysfunction. They will more than likely
change your prescription or adjust your dosage.

Trauma, injury, or surgery to the pelvic area or region may also be the cause
of erectile dysfunction. Sometimes, after a surgery or injury, nerves that
extend to the penis may become damaged. This in turn results in dysfunction. It
is important to let your health care professional know if you are experiencing
any impotence after surgery or injury. tojange

Finally, erectile dysfunction may be caused by another underlying medical
condition. Diseases such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Hardening of the
Arteries, and various Thyroid Conditions may be the underlying cause of
impotence. Men are also at greater risk of developing erectile dysfunction as
they age. ggongtop


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