How to Get Ripped Abs Review – Permanent Fat Loss For Men and Women

There are so many fat loss systems being sold on the market today and each with its own fancy sales page telling you why theirs is the best. How do you choose something when it’s all one giant sales pitch to get you to buy? This is why I started testing out systems myself. That is why I did a real How to Get Ripped Abs Review. I’ve been in the fitness industry for 25 years and now at the age of 39 it’s not so easy to lose fat like it was in my twenties and since I get bored with my same old plans I have putting some of the popular products under the microscope and testing them on myself for total ripped abs reviews and abdominal exercises.

How to Get Ripped Abs by John Alvino

I followed the How to Get Ripped Abs system for 5 straight weeks. It is probably one of the more expensive systems around going for $77 but under careful review I determined this was a bargain. This is a fully customized solution for men and women who really want to get lean in 12 weeks. The system is foolproof and maybe even too detailed for some people.

It includes the How to Get Ripped Abs book which teaches you the fundamentals of fat loss. It includes a highly detailed exercise index showing you each of the over 100 exercises in the starting and ending position with a detailed description.

There is a healthy recipe book which has around 80 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and dessert. I tried several of the meals and they are delicious. The recipe book is a huge value in itself. On top of that there is another book full of healthy and tasty shakes that are perfect for fat loss.

Now it also customizes the meals and calories depending on if you are a man or woman and by your body weight. There is a a caloric chart and separate daily meal plan for each person. A custom meal plan is something that you will usually pay a trainer a minimum of $100 to design and it comes included. women’s health blogs

Then there is the 4 phase workout program divided into 3 weeks each. You get 4 separate highly detailed workout phases. Each phase has a workout A and a workout B. so in total you are getting 8 completely designed workouts. Not only that you will get the complete high intensity cardio system which details several cardio workouts that only take about 12-15 minutes that are done on the non workout days.

So it is highly detailed but if you are serious about fat loss this includes everything plus more so that there is no way to fail. I lost 3 pounds of fat per week during 5 weeks from doing the exercise plan in itself. I also blogged each day to give my readers the real feel of a 5 week review. This was fat weight, not water weight. I was transforming my body faster than ever and was very pleased with how fast I was able to lose fat and burn the belly off.

Ab Exercises for Women and Men

How to Get Ripped Abs is a system for men or women that desire to lose anywhere from 15 to 40 pounds and are serious enough to do the work. Stop wishing for it and start working for it! You can have the body of your dreams with effort and determination.


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