Search Engine Optimization Tips For Beginners

Unique Content is King, don’t simply regurgitate someone else’s work as search engines penalize duplicate content. Also unique, valuable and interesting content will boost your rankings and also please your visitors.

Keep adding content, Search Engines live on information and the more your site has additional information on it the more the Search Engines will keep coming back to index your information. Avoid simple and excessive minor changes as this wont help at all. twitch viewer bot

Never ever remove a page when it has been indexed, you have worked hard to get that page up and it will attract visits so work the content to support your site as opposed to deleting the complete page.

Emphasise your keywords with bold or italics, do not go silly though as a human still has to read the page and to much just makes it unreadable.

If your content is extensive split it up into a number of pages, more pages give more targetable keywords and therefore more pages that can be indexed which will mean more traffic.

Utilise your keyword(s) in your “Title Tag”, this is what shows in the search results on the engines and is your opportunity to draw the viewers attention to your page. Don’t go overboard as this is blatant keyword spamming and will get you nowhere, gscpowershop keep the tag short (no more than 10 words) and always have your keyword(s) at the beginning of the phrase.

Always utilise your keyword(s) in the page name, separate them by a ‘-‘ or a ‘_’ as both of these are recognised by the search engines to define your phrase. Also make sure that they are relevant to the topic on the page. It is a myth that hyphens are bad in Search Engine terms, under scores are treated the same.

Keep your keyword density to between 6-9%, write your text as you would hope to read it and write for a human not a search engine bot. Densities above this tend to look like keyword stuffing and the search engines do not like this.

Never mask your keywords by making the text the same colour as your background or by putting lots at the very bottom of your page with hundreds of lines of whitespace before them.

Always use anchor text when posting a link to your page and always use your keyword(s)

In your headings, for example H1 and H2 etc, always use your keywords. Again write for a human not a search bot.

Always apply ‘ALT Tags’ to your images and use your keywords, twitch viewer bot do not go stupid hear and treat them like you do your ‘title tags’

Utilise secondary keywords to support your Primary ones, less competitive words still bring that valuable traffic.

Do not bother with targeting misspellings, it may give you some hits but the impression that it gives on your web page can kill any creditability that you may have.

Inbound links are the votes for your web page/website and as such always aim to get links from related authority sites, ensure that these are also utilising you anchor text. Links from non related sites won’t actually do your site any harm, they may even generate a few visitors but from a search engine optimisation point of view relevancy is important. The more inbound links that you get the better for you sites ranking.

Always use keyword specific text for your links, glamcosmos Search Engine bots cannot read images (other than the alt tag).

Internal links should always utilize anchor text, these are still counted by the search engines and always use your keyword(s) as opposed to, for example, ‘page 1, 2 etc’. Again relevancy of the pages text to your anchor text is also important.

Links should look as natural as possible, link buying/selling is a popular Internet process but gaining lots of incoming in a short period of time will raise alarm bells at the search engines.

Link directories still work but only submit to relevant high PR ones, DMOZ used to be the holy grail but has dropped in importance recently.

The fewer outgoing links on the pages that link to your site the better, เล่นสล็อตบนมือถือ for one the viewer can find your link easily and this also give weighting to the back link in search engine terms.

Inbound links from link farms etc will do you no harm as long as they are not reciprocated.

Link masking should never be used, same colour links as the background, single pixel links etc will all be seen as attempts to manipulate the search engines. This is a black hat technique and will get you removed from the indexes quickly.


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