Wedding Dress Designers – Your Questions Answered

Here are some frequently asked questions on the subject of wedding dress designers.

What’s involved in using wedding dress designers?

That might depend a little on just who you are using and what their particular working practices are. As a general rule, Postager you might find that the process involves some or all of the following.


    • An initial and typically non-committal discussion. In that, you might be looking through the portfolio of past designs of the designer concerned and at the same time they will be trying to get some understanding of you, TheRussia the sort of event you are planning (e.g. themes) and your likes and dislikes.


    • Assuming that there is a meeting of minds, the next step might be for the designer to provide you with a rough sketch-type design based upon your initial preferences. Theunroll


    • Once the principles are agreed, the next stage would be to prepare what might be called a proof-of-concept dress; wedding dress designers make these in something like calico. This will be used for fitting purposes and to fine tune your requirements.


  • 2 to 3 weeks before your wedding itself, Thecorrectly there will be a final fitting of the dress and that will allow time for any fitting adjustments that might be required.


Can I use my own design?

In reality, the process is often a combination of the two. The expert will be looking to understand the type of dress and look that you are hoping to achieve but then using their skills to finalise a creation that meets your aspirations. Remember that the advantage of using an expert is that you are drawing upon their creativity and experience. They perhaps shouldn’t be thought of exclusively as a dressmaker.

What happens if my weight or shape changes before the wedding?

That is perhaps not as uncommon as you may think! The purpose of the final fitting, which usually takes place two or three weeks before the wedding, Nationlogy is to reflect any changes in your body shape that may have occurred over the months since the initial meetings and making of the first calico dress.

Of course, significant changes in your body shape in the week or so immediately before your big day might require emergency attention to the dress and that might prove to be extremely stressful and possibly expensive. It is something to be avoided if at all possible!

Suppose I don’t like the dress once it’s made?

By that point, such a thing should be extremely unlikely. You will already have seen numerous sketches, some form of calico version of your dress and final designs. Of course, alterations are possible, to some extent, yet the later that is left and the more fundamental they are, the more expensive that process may be.

How long is this all going to take?

Once again, Thegreatly that would depend upon the wedding dress designers you are using. It might be sensible to think in terms of around a minimum of three months from initial discussions and fittings to the final fitting and availability of your dress.


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