Direct Response – The Fast Track to 6 Figure Freelance Copywriting

Why is freelance direct response copywriting so lucrative? Because it drive immediate sales. And if you can show that your writing will get people reaching for their credit cards, you’ll have no shortage of work. usf95zone

It’s not complicated. Companies that depend on making immediate sales from direct mail packages and ads are very good at doing the math. They know how many sales they need to see a good profit from their investment.

As a result, they place enormous value on the skills of a good copywriter. In fact, I can’t think of any other situation where the value of the writer is so completely appreciated.

In direct marketing, the writer is king or queen. Decades of testing have shown that the words can make a huge different to response rates and sales. techmagazinenews

And there’s more good news. In fact, a number of pieces of good news:

1. Companies frequently outsource their direct marketing copywriting work to freelancers. How come? Because they are looking for the best. They’ll keep trying people, and paying them well, in their search for someone who can write a package that will perform just a little bit better. renownednews

2. There is always a shortage of good direct mail copywriters. It’s har d to believe, seeing how profitable this work can be, but there are just never enough good writers who can create great work.

3. There are new markets just begging for strong DM copywriters. There are plenty of industries that have been depending on direct response for decades: finance, health, magazines, cable TV, collectibles and more. These guys are always on the look out for new writers. AND, there’s one new industry that is literally starved of good direct response writers…the high tech industry, particularly in the B2B area. If you have an interest in high tech, here’s a niche that will drive you to that 6-figure income very, very quickly. xnxx

If you already have strong direct response copywriting skills, be sure to do some research in the high-tech area.

If you want to get into direct mail copywriting, but don’t know where to get the best training, I would strongly recommend you check out my review of this course – Michael Masterson’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting. Just click on the link below… techimpacter


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